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Your New Job As An LVN Awaits (No Experience Required!)

Your New Job as an LVN Awaits (No Experience Required!)

Chelsea’s Home Health Care of Los Angeles, a home health agency providing its services to LA and surrounding Southern California communities, is hiring LVNs! The best part about it: no experience required.

Chelsea’s understands that new nursing grads may generally have more trouble finding jobs than those more established in their nursing careers. Thus, that’s exactly why we do not require prior experience! Additionally, we provide paid training and shadowing.

“Is there really a shortage of nurses if I can’t find a job?” — Nurses may often find themselves asking this question. Moreover, some jobs out there seem to have an emphasized requirement of prior experience. But with Chelsea’s you do not have to worry. Nurses fresh out of school — recent graduates, are welcomed.

Our paid training & shadowing program allows for you to integrate what you learned in school to real-life scenarios. Of course, with additional preparation and guidance for the varying diagnoses you may encounter on the job i.e. tracheostomy care, medication administration, and more.

This is a great feat, especially for those looking to start out. And getting paid to train and onboard is not just ideal, but important for most — Adults have bills to pay, right? Yes.

So with that — Please, feel free to reach out and inquire about starting with us as an LVN.

Part-time, Full-time, whatever you desire. We are also in need of Per-Diem LVNs! And you get to choose what hours of the day work best for you.

Our nurses in the past have stated that the flexibility we offer is attractive.

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