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Whether you are overcoming a bout with pneumonia or have a chronic lung condition like COPD or emphysema, our team will assist not only with oxygen level monitoring but with the equipment and medications that often accompany a diagnosis such as this. There are breathing techniques and exercises you may need for improvement of your lung function and our team will assist with this treatment.

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Private Duty Nursing

We specialize in providing Long Term Care Service to pediatric and adult patients who are dependent on G-tube Tracheostomy Ventilators and TPN.

For patients that are homebound and eligible for Medi-Caid program. Ranging from 40 to 112 hours a week, and at times 24-hour care if required.

Depending on the condition of the patient our nurses are skilled on oxygen treatment, nebulizer, ventilator machine, humidifier machine, feeding pumps, cough assist, catheters, dressing changes, suctioning, ostomy, colostomy care, wound care, PICC- Line, TPN management, Seizure Precautions, ADL’s. Nurses may also accompany patients with family to Doctor’s appointments.

Nurses follow MD Orders and detailed Plan of Cares from RN Case Manager. Case managers provide home safety evaluation, maintaining a conducive environment for nurse-patient-family interaction.

All nurses go through extensive training based on each patient’s condition. Orientation, On-Site Training, Patient Hands-On Shadowing with supervisor nurses.

Ventilator Machine: We are fully knowledgeable on fundamental machine operation.

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